Episode #375: Someone has the technology

[Episode 375]
Episode #375: Someone has the technology
Volume V / Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Episode Notes

I hope it's clear that the green thought bubbles are actually the two aliens communicating telepathically? When they speak to their mysterious patient, they are using their vocal chords and it looks like regular speech bubbles.


Panels 1-4: We appear to be viewing the scene from the perspective of an unseen individual. Two aliens gradually come into view as a pod door opens up.
Sometime later, on planet Cynaptix IV.
Panel 5: The two aliens are now fully visible, one is wearing a cloak and epaulettes, the other has cybernetic implants.
Cloaked Alien (telepathically):
We can rebuild him!
Cybernetic Alien (telepathically):
Not this time, we've run out of spare organs for this species.
Panel 6:
Cloaked Alien (telepathically):
Then we can… build him slightly differently!
Cybernetic Alien (telepathically):
Yeah, we can do that.
Panel 7:
Cloaked Alien:
We're going to fix you up almost as good as new.
Just like my colleague here.
Cybernetic Alien:
The side-effects are minimal, but the pain is excruciating.
Off-screen Voice:
No... what? Who? Where?
Panel 8:
Cloaked Alien:
Don't worry, we've done this lots of times before.
Never on your species, but it can't be that different; an arm is an arm, after all.
We're administering the anaesthetic now, you're going to...
Panel 9: Fading out.
Cloaked Alien:
Panel 10: Fading out some more.
Cloaked Alien:
Panel 11: Fading out even more.
Cloaked Alien:
Panel 12: Almost completely faded out as the individual becomes unconscious.