Episode #373: Zing boom tararrel

[Episode 373]
Episode #373: Zing boom tararrel
Volume V / Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Episode Notes

There was a certain inevitability to Anderson's plan. Poor Clive and Algernon (cousin Algy) aren't going to have much fun when the Contralto family ask them questions. I think Squidman is right when he says his mum can probably take care of herself though.


Panel 1:
We need to get you to my spaceship without being seen.
It would be easier if Clive and Algernon were here to help.
No, I don' wan' 'em t'know where I'm goin' f'their own good.
Panel 2:
Aww, Squidman, you actually care about somebody other than yourself?
Wen th' Contralo fam'ly get to 'em, they'll break too easily under torture an' give up me location!
An' if they do tha', I'll bleedin' kill 'em!
Panel 3:
You're all heart.
What about your mother?
She threw a fully grown man out ov a closed window.
I fink she can take care ov 'erself.
I jus' don' wan' 'er t'find me!
Panel 4:
Ok, well in that case, I have an idea how to get you to my ship.
But you're not going to like it.
It can't be as bad as th' indignities I've 'ad t'put up wiv lately!
Panel 5: Anderson is rolling the barrel, with Squidman inside it, down the alleyway. Another piece of graffitti is revealed now the barrel has been moved.
Roll (thud) roll (thud) roll (thud) roll (thud).
{{Symbols representing naughty words!}}
Anderson (singing):
Roll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun.
{{Graffitti Text}}
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