Episode #372: Over a barrel

[Episode 372]
Episode #372: Over a barrel
Volume V / Saturday, 28 January 2012

Episode Notes

Anderson's name isn't really "Obiwan", that's just Squidman acknowledging his sources.


Panel 1: Squidman is still in the barrel from the previous episode.
I gave you a bell 'cos I need 'elp to get off this bleedin' planet, pret'y sharpish!
An' seein' as you owe me a big favah, wot wiv me savin' your time-travellin' backside, I knew you'd come wen I called.
So, 'elp me Obiwan Anderson, you're me only 'ope!
Heh, you know what you're doing, don't you?
If I'm your only hope, then that means you're finally…
…scraping the bottom of the barrel!
{{Sigh}} You're a barrel o' larfs mate.