Episode #269: Tears Of A Clown

[Episode 269]
Episode #269: Tears Of A Clown
Volume IV / Saturday, 29 January 2011

Episode Notes

It seems the prison guard has... issues.

The "jokes" about cell division are supposed to be utterly terrible, really lame and contrived - the prison guards don't get out much.

I did some extensive research (i.e. Googled a bit) into height restrictions for becoming a fighter pilot (which is basically what a Viper pilot is). From what I could gather, there isn't exactly a height limit in the UK (US seems to be different), but was is important is the length of your limbs. Specifically, whether your arms are long enough to reach the controls when strapped in (functional reach), and your legs (hip to knee) short enough so they don't get trapped and severed if you need to eject.

I could have gone with the easy disqualification of colour-blindness, but decided against because it is cliche (yeah, that's not stopped me before) and I thought that somebody that keen on becoming a Viper Pilot would probably already have had his visual acuity checked out by an optician. Also, it was done in the film "Little Miss Sunshine".

Besides, being 1cm too short in the arm is just funnier (I suspect in the real world, it's not quite so absolute), especially as most of the minifig humans are the same size! Well, except those with short legs and Woody from Toy Story with his long legs and arms.


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