Episode #201: Guest Author - Glomshire Knights

[Episode 201]
Episode #201: Guest Author - Glomshire Knights
Volume III / Saturday, 5 June 2010

Episode Notes

Well, I certainly won't be looking at Squidman in the same way again.

Our first guest author is Dennis Price creator of Glomshire Knights, a comic set in a "sorta medieval" (Dennis' words) kingdom. Dennis has also written a sci-fi themed comic, Blockocop, which is a parody of... something.

Thank you Dennis!

Credits & Acknowledgements

Guest Episode by Dennis Price (Glomshire Knights).


Panel 1: A spaceman wearing a regulation spacesuit enters a room where other people, including Squidman, are wearing non-regulation uniform; specifically, 'Princess Leia Bikini' outfits.
Harrison hated going down to repair bay 17 on "Casual Friday."