Episode #162: Alweyz yous a splel chquer

[Episode 162]
Episode #162: Alweyz yous a splel chquer
Volume III / Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Episode Notes

I realise I'm tempting fate here and there is bound to be an error in today's episode somewhere (not counting Squidman's phonetically spelled accent and the deliberate typos in the episode title).


Panel 1: A young boy is up a ladder painting a sign on a wall about a doorway while Squidman is looking on from the ground.
The sign says "Squidman's Wholesale Intergalactic Trading" with each word on a new line and the first letter of each word highlighted, so that the acronym "SWIT" is spelled downwards.
Tha's bet'er. Now, next time, don't forget the silent "double-yoo" in 'olesale!
Kids today - wha's the bleedin' point o' school if ya ain't gonna listen?