Episode #160: Possibly Profound, Possibly Dumb

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Episode #160: Possibly Profound, Possibly Dumb
Volume III / Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Episode Notes

Actually, it's a bit confusing about whether Newton was born in 1642 or 1643, because of calendar reform (Julian to Gregorian). However, I've taken the 1642 as my date, which was pre-reform.

As for why I've chosen 2378 (when Voyager returned) and ignored the film 'Star Trek: Nemesis' - well, wouldn't you?

There are only 53 years to go before we get warp power and make (official) First Contact! w00t!

If there is anybody out there reading this with the surname of 'Cochrane' and is expecting a male child (or hopes to in the next couple of years), please name it 'Zefram', just to mess with people's minds!


Panel 1: The Author is asleep in her bed, dreaming. A thought/dream bubble shows a portrait of Isaac Newton with the date 1642 beside it, alongside an image of the Federation Starship USS Voyager with the date 2378 beside it.
Author Avatar (captions):
As I drifted off to sleep last night it occurred to me that as we begin the year 2010, there are only 368 years between now and when the Federation Starship USS Voyager returns from being lost in the Delta Quadrant, marking the last chronological event in the Star Trek universe (not counting the film 'ST: Nemesis').
Furthermore, 368 years ago saw the birth of Isaac Newton, upon whose laws of force and motion a lot of space travel depends!
We're getting closer to the future than we are to the past!