Episode #34: Don't be too smug if you get this joke

[Episode 34]
Episode #34: Don't be too smug if you get this joke
Volume I / Saturday, 14 June 2008

Episode Notes

Ninety-eight percent of you, dear readers, are now scratching your heads while the other two percent of you are probably sitting there feeling all smug and superior.

I'm now going to enlighten 98% of my readers, so that they get this joke which, I suspect, will annoy the other 2% who will no longer be able to bask in their supposed superiority: two-percenter joke (see the second paragraph).


Panel 1: Two people are in a room, one is standing and the other is sitting reading a book.
Standing Person (to seated-person):
Hi Claude! What are you reading?
Panel 2: Close-up on Claude, the seated person reading the book. The title of the book is just visible; it says "The 2%er".
It's a new comic book called "The Two-percenter".
Panel 3: Wider view of both people again.
Standing Person:
Interesting. So is it any good, is it funny?
Panel 4: Close-up on Claude who has now put the book down.
Claude (frowning):
Err... I have absolutely no idea. I don't understand a word of it!