Episode #20: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

[Episode 20]
Episode #20: Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Volume I / Saturday, 8 March 2008

Episode Notes

Can you imagine the amount of paperwork involved in such a technical malfunction? They never show that in films. I bet it would lead to some rather serious budget cuts too, if not the complete withdrawal of funding.


Panel 1: Spacedude 1 is standing on a platform inside a pod-like structure which has cables and pipes coming out of it. He is holding a walkie-talkie radio. Spacedude 2 is standing at a computer console.
Spacedude 1:
Are you sure this transporter is safer?
Spacedude 2:
It's been tested in the lab. Get ready to be beamed to the bio lab garden.
Panel 2: Spacedude 1 is now surrounded by lush vegetation and flowers, there is white cat (Captain Slog's cat, Fluffy), trying to climbing up his leg.
A short while later...
Spacedude 2 (over radio):
Did it work?
Spacedude 1:
Yes, I'm here and I'm alive.
Fluffy the Cat:
Spacedude 1 (to cat):
Shoo, shoo kitty...
Spacedude 2 (over radio):
Pardon? Your shoe what?
Spacedude 1:
Oh, sorry, nothing, never mind
Spacedude 2:
Ok, beaming you back, don't move
Panels 3-4: Transition from the bio lab garden to the transporter room as Spacedude 1 is beamed back.
Fade out/fade in
Panel 5: Back in the transporter room and things didn't quite go to plan. Fluffy got accidentally caught in the transporter beam along with Spacedude 1 and they are now fused together as a single organism.
Spacedude 1!Fluffy:
Mew.... meow?
Spacedude 2 (panicking):
Oh... dear... uh... I'll get the Doctor... nice kitty...
This is going to take so much paperwork!