Episode #19: I say, I say, I say...

[Episode 19]
Episode #19: I say, I say, I say...
Volume I / Saturday, 1 March 2008

Episode Notes

Yep, it's the return of Peter Reid's robots. This time they have their own TV show, a device that means I can bring them back from time to time without needing any sort of continuity.

When originally posted in my LUG's (Lego User Group) forum, this episode was controversial* for the discussion it caused about what the joke was. It seemed to me to work on several levels, so I don't care if people laughed at something that wasn't actually the intended joke.

* But not as controversial as the "there's always a bigger dish" episode in Brick Issue #14

Credits & Acknowledgements

Robots by Peter Reid (legoloverman on Flickr).


Panel 1: Title frame
Saturday Night at the ROBOTS Palladium!
Panel 2: Close-up on the Taro robot
Taro 'Bot:
My canis lupus familiaris has no olfactory organ.
Panel 3: Close-up on Turtle robot.
Turtle 'Bot:
How does he identify volatilised chemical compounds?
Panel 4: View of both robots, plus some Blips.
Taro 'Bot:
He does not, but his own volatilised chemical compound overloads my olfactory sensor array.
Turtle 'Bot:
Ha ha ha! It is the way you tell them!