Episode #11: I, LEGO Robot

[Episode 11]
Episode #11: I, LEGO Robot
Volume I / Sunday, 6 January 2008

Episode Notes

No LEGO was harmed in the making of this episode.

The robot special guest stars are thanks to Peter Reid. They include a 'Taro' series robot (the red bi-pedal one), a 'Turtle' bot (four legs, looks like a, um... turtle) and three 'Blips' (the small 'hovering' ones).

Credits & Acknowledgements

Robots by Peter Reid (legoloverman on Flickr).


Panel 1: Four robots in a corridor: a Taro (bi-pedal robot), a Turtle and three Blips.
Turtle 'Bot:
I've always felt that only three Laws of Robotics are not enough.
Taro 'Bot:
Don't forget the Zeroth Law about not harming humanity as a whole.
Panel 2: The two Blips face each other in the corridor.
Turtle 'Bot:
Not what I was thinking of. There is no law about not harming other robots.
Panel 3: The blaster on one of the blips fires, engulfing the other blip in a fireball.
Panel 4: The blasted Blip is now burnt to a crisp, still smoking.
Taro 'Bot:
How about this: 'A robot shall not forget to engage the safety on his mega blaster, even in robot-only company.'
Blip (with Blaster):
Oops, how embarrassing.