Episode #9: I did know, honestly!

[Episode 9]
Episode #9: I did know, honestly!
Volume I / Saturday, 8 December 2007

Episode Notes

Here I am addressing an issue somebody (-cough-mother-cough-) raised: shouldn't there be two "Ls" in "Tranquillity"?


Panel 1: Chief Maintenance Officer Houston Texas and an Assistant are standing next to a sign saying "Tranquility Base".
Chief's Assistant:
There. The new sign is completed.
Chief Houston Texas:
Very nice. One thing…
Panel 2: Close-up of the sign showing the word "Tranquility"
Chief Houston Texas:
… aren't there two "Ls" in "Tranquillity"?
Panel 3: Close-up of the Assistant
Chief's Assistant:
According to the O.E.D. both spellings are acceptable, this is just a pre-17th Century variant still commonly used in the U.S.
Panel 4:
Chief Houston Texas:
I see. Did you check that before or after you made the sign?
Assistant (indignant):
Chief Houston Texas:
Uh huh… really…
Chief's Assistant (quietly):
Besides, the proper spelling wouldn't fit on the sign properly.