Episode #7: Estimated Construction Time: 1.5 hours with 2 people

[Episode 7]
Episode #7: Estimated Construction Time: 1.5 hours with 2 people
Volume I / Thursday, 29 November 2007

Episode Notes

While I haven't personally experienced building IKEA furniture, I have witnessed it. To be fair, it's not just IKEA that is a problem, but they are the most famous (and international) purveyors of DIY furniture.


Panel 1: Chief Houston Texas is holding up a book, talking to an assistant.
Chief Houston Texas:
Instructions, page one: safety. It is important that you always use the correct tools for the project.
Panel 2: A view of the tools they have with them.
Chief Houston Texas:
Erm, screwdriver, spanner, axe and pickaxe, lubricant, hammer-drill, buzz-saw, chain-saw… that'll do.
Panel 3: The Chief is reading from the instruction manual while his assistant is off-screen working on whatever it is they are building.
One hour later.
Chief Houston Texas:
Step 318, insert bolt z10 firmly into flange b21, ensuring nuts do not obstruct hinges.
Chop THUD. Chop THUD
Bang! Bang!
Tappity tap…
Panel 4: We see that the assistant has been building some shelves. The shelves are very wonky.
Several hours later.
Chief Houston Texas:
Right… that's the last time we buy shelves from IKEA!