Episode #4: Inter-departmental relations were not going well

[Episode 4]
Episode #4: Inter-departmental relations were not going well
Volume I / Friday, 14 September 2007

Episode Notes

You know how different departments in a company can have petty squabbles and rivalries? Well, that's true of Tranquility Base too.


Panel 1: A red-suited spaceman is standing at the top of a ladder, holding a wrench which he is using to tighten up the nose of a rocket housed in a mobile rocket-launcher, currently in the horizontal position. At the bottom of the ladder, at the rocket launcher controls there are two yellow-suited spacemen.
Panel 2: One of the yellow-suited spaceman presses a button.
Panel 3: The rocket starts to move from the horizontal position to a vertical "launch" position. The red-suited spaceman is still holding the wrench fixed to the nose of the rocket and gets taken along with it!
Red-suited Spacedude (thinking):
Panel 4: The rocket is now in the fully vertical position with the red-suited spaceman clinging on to the nose. The two yellow-suited spacemen are looking up at him.
Red-suited Spacedude:
Help! This is not funny!