Episode #227: If four people shake each other's hands once, how many handshakes in total?

Episode 227

Saturday 04th September, 2010 @ 08:30 GMT

We now know who actually sent the Vipers to protect the fleet, and the other shoe drops for Captain Slog with the revelation of Blipstar Six as an ally.

Today's comic title is a little mathmatical puzzle. Here it is phrased better (I had limited room in the title): If four people are in a room, and they each shake hands once and only once with every other person, how many handshakes will there be in total between all four people? The answer will be provided on Wednesday.

If you're interested in what media influences we Brick Comic Network authors have, then you'll want to check out today's Ask the BCN blog entry, where the question is all about our influences.

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