Episode #1: The Classic Space Agency regrets employing YTS Staff

Episode 1: The Classic Space Agency regrets employing YTS Staff

Monday 27th August, 2007 @ 12:00 GMT

This episode uses Classic Space set 920, Rocket Launch Pad. The idea for this episode came about when the rocket part of the set kept braking off whenever it was moved. I've since stuck a technic axle down its centre to stop that happening.

In retrospect, I should have used a sound effect to indicate that the vehicle has hit the rocket launch pad.

My goodness, my "mad photo skillz" are non-existent!


Panel 1: A fuel tanker is reversing up to a rocket launch pad. A spaceman is guiding the driver, who is speaking to him over the radio.
Driver (over the radio):
Am I clear?
Yeah, go on…
Panel 2: The fuel tank reverses a bit closer to the launch pad.
Driver (over the radio):
Keep going…
Panel 3: The fuel tank reverses closer still.
Driver (over the radio):
A bit more…
Panel 4: The fuel tanker crashes into the launch pad, causing the rocket break in half and land on top of the vehicle.
You can stop now!
Driver (over the radio):
[Random symbols indicating profuse swearing.]